Calvin is full of wonder and kindness. He has a heart so big that you feel it the minute he walks into a room. He’s loving and generous and oh so proud of his little sister, Cameron. He’s loves sports like his father, yet is sweetly tender with his mother. He can’t bare to see anyone hurting. I remember when Cal was a toddler and the other children would cry, he’d run over and try to soothe them. His compassion will carry him so far in life. It is a beautiful thing. If only the world had more Calvins.


I’ve only had the privileged of photographing Cami on a few occasions as she and her fantastically awesome big brother Calvin, live far away. But oh what a joy the brief moments I have been! As a baby, Cami was a marshmallow of cloudy snuggles, with a giggle that could knock you to your knees. Now, approaching 2, Cami is swift and spunky, like her mother.  She snickered under her breath as she escaped my lens. It took all afternoon to catch a grin, but when I did, it was evident I was simply losing her winning game . Oh Cami, how I miss you!

tulips for kira

tulips in piedmont park

my best friend loves tulips. i love tulips. every time i am in the presence of tulips i think of her, miss her, and am reminded of how they are so much like her. colorful, full of life, open, one of a kind. she started a blog a few weeks ago love your legs & other shower epiphanies. check it out.

Tulips in Piedmont Park


Amanda is the epitome of a young girl. Sugar and spice and everything nice. There is a fairy tale out there with her name on it, surely – if not a tiara. She is a tender big sister to her baby brother, Brett. She has an adorable nurturing presence and can often be found singing lullabies to nearby babies. I absolutely love taking photographs of her because although she flashes a million dollar smile, she honestly has yet to realize how truly beautiful she really is. Mandy will be a heart-breaker, I have no doubt. Not only will she light up every room she enters, she will warm the hearts of all that meet her.


Milly wants nothing more than to be independent. She is sassy and sweet and ever so curious. She loves to explore and is always calm in the most chaotic of situations (i.e. being tossed around with several children over the age of 3 & 4). Milly is a bit of an old soul – wise beyond her years. She knows no fear and is growing into an awesome big girl. My favorite moments with Milly are often behind the camera when she comes up and just places her head on my shoulder for a wee snooze. I only feel love.